Get Started with Project Cordless

Hello, Project Cordless faithfuls! To get started I highly recommend that you deregister your device and then re-register the device under your own account. I send the sticks with a default account but its best to switch to your own. This way it is covered under Amazon Warranty. To do this once you load up the stick and put in your network password you then go to SETTINGS> ACCOUNT> DEREGISTER it will tell you that everything will erase. This is not true Kodi will remain intact. Once you register your free to launch Kodi. 

Watch this for a video explanation instead --Set Up Device First Timers

At this point, Kodi should be on your main home page. If it isn't you can launch it by going holding the home button on the remote. Which will bring up the App Menu. Once you open Kodi for the first time I recommend letting it load for about 3-5 minutes. Once that time has passed you can begin to browse for content.

Check out this video below for an understanding of how it works. 

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